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Why choose us?

Join Amiguitos and Experience a Brighter Future for Your Child!


At Amiguitos, every decision we make is driven by a singular goal: the holistic benefit of our entire school community. Research consistently shows that a content and harmonious staff directly translates into higher student success rates, leading to elevated parent satisfaction levels. We prioritize our staff's well-being and offer them paid days off throughout the school year. This collective pause not only reduces stress but ensures that when our team returns, they're fully rejuvenated and focused on your child's education, rather than being bogged down by emails, tasks, and projects.


Our top priority is the well-being of your children. We firmly believe that when our teachers are content and fulfilled, your child receives the best care, love, and attention. To provide an exceptional learning environment, we maintain low student-to-teacher ratios, allowing us to focus on each child's individual development. This tailored approach leads to significant success, with our students leaving Amiguitos fully prepared to excel in grade school.


But our commitment to staff welfare doesn't stop there. Amiguitos provides comprehensive benefits, including retirement, dental, vision, and health insurance coverage. Because we value the downtime, we continue to collect tuition on days we are closed, ensuring consistent support for our salary pay for our staff ensures we maintain the high-quality education your child deserves.


At Amiguitos, we wholeheartedly endorse our teachers' mental health and self-care because we understand that their well-being directly impacts your child's experience.  When our teachers and students return from their well-deserved breaks, you'll witness an unmistakable surge in energy, productivity, and smiles all around. 


The child care minimum standard guidelines require early childhood educators to complete twenty-four hours of annual professional development and/or training. At Amiguitos, we go above and beyond by offering free training opportunities.  Our educators are passionate about growth and professional development, averaging fifty to sixty hours of training yearly. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that our students receive the latest and best educational practices.


By choosing Amiguitos you will receive a nurturing, forward-thinking educational experience that puts your child's future first. Join us today and embark on a journey towards academic excellence, personal growth, and lasting smiles!

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I did a lot of research trying to find the best immersion daycare, but most of them were cold, hard to talk with administration, ”big” with too many kids per teacher (kid/teacher radio) , and with high teacher turnover. They looked great on paper but was missing the “heart”, the love. they clearly were a business. until I found Amiguitos. we have been with them for almost 3years, and teacher have never quit. If I need to talk with management or administration and even the owners, they are at school everyday and respond within hours, they love all the kids from all classes, teachers help each other, and is a true little family.

Amiguitos is not a big facility, but that is not a bad thing, for the age of the kids that they care for, and their developmental stage, the size of the school is perfect, and most important it gives kids what they need most which is a comfortable and familiar/loving environment." - - Estefania Mojica, google review.

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