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Our Story

Imagine a place where your child is welcomed as if they were visiting their "Tia's, Prima's, or Abue's" house. That's the spirit of Amiguitos. We don't just provide childcare; we offer a genuine family atmosphere that embraces your child's growth and happiness. Amiguitos is where love, joy, safety and learning intertwine to create the perfect haven for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We go beyond simply nurturing your child; we're a preschool academy dedicated to setting the foundation for their flourishing future.


Our skilled educators impart not only Spanish language skills, but also Texas Early Learning and Pre-K guidelines. We believe in the power of social and emotional development. Learning takes flight through self-expression, purposeful play, and exciting exploration. Each day at Amiguitos is a journey filled with stories, music, art, motor activities, math, science, and language arts. Our carefully crafted learning centers foster independence, transforming your child into an eager, confident learner.


Amiguitos offers a complete Spanish immersion experience, guiding young minds to effortlessly embrace life in two languages. The magic extends beyond our doors; we encourage families to continue the spanish/culture at home. Connection reinforces language acquisition, creating truly bilingual learners.


In this warm and nurturing environment, we shape social, emotional, and educational development. Amiguitos is where your child's growth is celebrated, their curiosity is cherished, and their bilingual journey begins.

Join us at Amiguitos, where we're not just caregivers; we're family, educators, and partners in your child's bilingual journey.



Komson Silapachi, Parent

“We enrolled our daughter at Amiguitos in the middle of a school year after being at another school for several years. Ms. Greski and the rest of their staff did an incredible job acclimating her to a new environment and within a week she was skipping into school every morning. We especially love the small, close knit atmosphere of Amiguitos and truly feel like we're a part of a family"

Grace & Michelle Friedman, Parents

"We tell everyone we know about Amiguitos. This is truly the best daycare in the world! Not only is our daughter becoming bilingual, which is proven to be linked with so many developmental and emotional benefits for life, but she is also taken care of like she is part of the family, and that is really what it feels like. They are a little "extra" in every wonderful way- from dressing up to surprise craft gifts with pictures of our kids to cultural exchanges. The love and joy the staff bring to the work is obvious. It also really matters to us that they provide maternity leave and benefits to all workers and they are treated with respect for the respect for the importance and very hard work they do everyday.

José Camou, Parent

We have been at Amiguitos for almost four years. As a bilingual household, it is important that our kids learn and retain Spanish not only to communicate with their extended family but also as a life long skill. Amiguitos has helped us do that to the extent that our kids have started correcting our Spanish! Our favorite thing about Amiguitos is the teachers. We LOVE the teachers. The work and care they put into our children's development are phenomenal. We see the impact it has every day.
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