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numbers & letter recognition

We use "Handwriting Without Tears, " "Niños Abordo," and multi-sensory modalities of playing with shapes and their bodies to create letters. We have fun activities to teach children how to begin thinking about numbers, and eventually math.

Science, Reading, and Arts & crafts

We learn through different science activities and experiments, such as caring for our fish!

We base our daily arts & crafts on the theme of the month. We place a big emphasis on learning letters and eventually reading with fluency in Spanish. 

gross motor

It's easy to get kids to learn through movement! We have daily activities that help develop gross motor skills such as dancing, sports, yoga, movement class, and more!


We love to encourage imagination and creativity for holidays and special events. We integrate cultural traditions from different Latin communities, and we love to celebrate!

We're open for most of the year, too, and open for nine weeks in the summer.


Here at Amiguitos, 

we love what we do. Our teachers are passionate about creating an academy where everyone is welcome to learn Spanish--no matter their level. 

Our philosophy is to not only teach a love for a second language, but to foster emotional, physical, and mental support during these early developmental times of our students. Kindness, patience, and a love for learning make up three of our most important educational cornerstones. Social and emotional learning is just as important as learning the alphabet!


Meet our Founder and Director, Maria Beatriz-Morales

In the late 2000’s, I moved locations and taught art, history, theology, and psychology at a Catholic high school. Later, while obtaining my masters in Clinical Art therapy, I was a Spanish substitute at a high school, middle school, and elementary school. During those years, I worked at an alternative middle school as the middle school mental health therapist, and worked at a psychiatric center for children ages 3-12 as their Art Therapist intern. This experience working with mental health as a therapist was a great teacher. After a few years in the mental health sector for children, I returned to teaching, this time teaching bilingual pre-k. After a few years, I became an elementary bilingual school counselor. It was then that I had my twin baby boys (not so little anymore!) and excitingly opened up Amiguitos Spanish Immersion Academy to unite my experience as a teacher, therapist, counselor, and mother. I have always loved being in the teaching and counseling profession, and my past experiences have contributed greatly to my skills as a school director. If you would like more information on my journey as an educator, Voyage Austin recently wrote a wonderful article about me and Amiguitos. 
Thank you for looking into our Academy, and feel free to contact us for more information! 

Hello!  My name is Maria Beatriz-Morales, and I am the founder, owner, and director of Amiguitos Spanish Immersion Academy here in Austin.
My journey as an educator began during my childhood. Growing up, my aunt was the principal and superintendent at a school district in Mexico. As a child, I would visit every summer to participate and volunteer with my aunt at the different schools she supervised. I remember the excitement I would feel walking through those halls, and how in awe I was of the runnings of the school.

In high school, I taught catechism classes for elementary school kids at my church, and I volunteered as a missionary for orphanages on the Mexican US border. My love for children grew exponentially during this mission.  
In the late 90’s, while in college studying psychology, I was the after-school program coordinator for a Dallas area Salvation Army. I continued with mission work with Catholic organizations in Ecuador, Rome, California, and Washington.
After graduating with my bachelors, I took a job as a high school teacher. I remember taking my students to volunteer missions to enhance their knowledge in social justice and social development.



Our Enrollment Process

Here are the quick steps to enroll at our Academy:

  1. Either call us or send us a message

  2. Our office will send you more detailed information, such as tuition, our Policy Packet, and the opportunity to schedule a tour. We ask that our policies be reviewed before any tours are done. 

  3. To enroll, the enrollment fees must be paid to secure your spot. 


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