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A Family feel environment

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

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Family feel environment

Amiguitos Spanish Immersion Academy strives to make our campus a safe and loving place for all children and families.

“We choose this school because of the Family feel environment. When I drop off my child, I literally feel like I am dropping him off with family.”


Here at Amiguitos, we are proud to provide a loving, welcoming, and familial atmosphere. Your little learner will

feel like they are visiting their “Tia’s, Prima’s, or Abuela’s” house because Amiguitos is one big familia! Along with

providing a caring and safe environment for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, we are an

academy that gives our little students the opportunity to flourish academically and emotionally.

Our teachers teach Spanish to your children while using the Texas Readiness Guidelines, TEKS, and Conscious

Discipline to encourage social and emotional development. Learning is encouraged through self-expression,

exploration, and purposeful play. This includes daily routines such as stories, art, music, fine and gross motor activities, math, science, and learning centers designed to create independent learners. We are an academy that sets up our students for long term academic success; we work specifically to instill a love of school and learning in all of our students for all future academic, social, and emotional endeavors.

Amiguitos offers a full Spanish Immersion Program to form young minds into being able to navigate through life in

two languages. The total immersion at a young age helps to create a bilingual child, and the safe learning

environment provided by Amiguitos forms a space where children feel safe to learn freely and openly. Amiguitos

makes learning fun! Our mission is to form our young students’ social, emotional, and educational development in Spanish. Welcome to Amiguitos!

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