Hello, my name is Mariabeatriz Morales, and I am the owner/director of Amiguitos Spanish Immersion Academy. I fell in love with teaching when I was a child. My aunt was the principal and further on a superintendent at a school district in Mexico. As a child, I would visit every summer to participate and volunteer with my aunt at the school(s) that she supervised. In high school, I taught catechism classes for elementary school kids at my church and volunteer missionary for orphanages on the Mexican US border. In addition in the late 90’s while in college, I was the after-school program coordinator for a Dallas area Salvation Army. Furthermore, I did mission work with catholic organizations in Guayaquil, Ecuador; Vatican City, Rome; San Francisco, California; and Yakima, Washington. As a high school teacher, I took my students as missions to enhance their knowledge in social justice. In the late 2000’s, I taught art, history, theology, and psychology at a Catholic high school. Later while obtaining my masters in Clinical Art therapy, I was a Spanish substitute at a high school, middle school, and elementary school. During those years, I worked at an alternative middle school as the middle school mental health therapist and worked at a psychiatric center for children ages 3-12 as their Art Therapist intern. After a few years in the mental health sector for children, I returned to teaching. This time I taught bilingual pre-k. After a few years as a bilingual pre-k teacher, I became an elementary bilingual school counselor. It was then that I had my twin baby boys and opened up Amiguitos Spanish Immersion Academy to unite my experience as a teacher, therapist, counselor and mother. As you can see, I have always loved being in the teaching or helping profession. I hope you can come check out Amiguitos...



Known as Abue, Alicia is the is the most loving, patient, and indulgent of the teachers. She is a retired Mexican diplomat who worked for the Mexican Consulate for 38 years as Vice Consul. Her career allowed her to give of herself to help Mexican citizens living away from their homeland. She now dedicates her life to loving and being a caregiver of the youngest Amiguitos.