Our school offers a variety of activities to help promote social, emotional and cognitive development.
These include:
  • Activities based on a curriculum that follows the Texas Readiness Standards delivered through a combination of large group activities, small group activities, and one-on-one through play and art.
  • Activities in our morning circle are taught through song, music and movement.  
  • We teach math and science through play, multi-sensory centers, art, puzzles, building centers and pretend and learn centers.
  • Activities organized in a very organic and child-lead environment.
  • Activities with music and movement to encourage the right-left brain connection.
  • We utilize a number of proven curriculums and educational philosophies including Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence, Maria Montessori's beliefs of child independence, Erik Erikson's stages of child development, and Carl Rogers' humanistic theory that all people are inherently good.


We understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet to help promote kids' concentration, memory, focus and growth, which is why we have a nutritional program. For a nominal fee we offer home-cooked, healthy and nutritious meals for breakfast and lunch. Included with your monthly tuition is an afternoon snack. 


We are building the foundation for your little ones to love and be successful both in school and out.  We are committed to helping them feel nurtured, loved, and cared for, so they can go out into any environment and continue to give and get joy from the world.

We have fun activities to teach children how to begin thinking about numbers and eventually math.


We use "Handwriting Without Tears" and multi-sensory modalities of playing with shapes and their bodies to create letters.


We learn through different science activities such as cooking, science experiments, and observing and caring for Amiguitos' mammals, birds, fish and invertebrate.


We have daily arts and crafts activities based on the thematic unit for each month.


We love to encourage imagination and creativity for holidays and special events. We integrate cultural traditions from different Latin communities.


It's easy to get kids to learn through movement! We have daily activities that help develop gross motor skills such as dancing, sports, yoga, movement class, amongst others.